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"Live Your Life" will have the function which "Californian Poetry" previously had. Stories, poetry, ideas, images, a kind of diary.


"Utopian Dreaming" - a future world, that ends not in a doomsday scenario? It would be easy to write this, but maybe there´s a little bit of hope?


"Hard Bop Fantasies" - free and uncontrolled writing, writing in a frenzy, music as drug, a bit like at the beginning ("My Dark Heart"), but more automatically, not sure if I´m already able to........


"A Fantasy Novel, Written By A Little Girl" - the most ambitious part of "Stories And Poems". No distinct idea so far........


I will begin with "Live Your Life" and the planing for "Utopian Dreaming". "Hard Bop Fantasies" will follow when it´s time therefore. "A Fantasy Novel, Written By A Little Girl" will need a longer time.........


Bad Friedrichshall, February 26th, 2018



I´ve started with "Live Your Life" today.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 1st, 2018



I will start slowly with "Utopian Dreaming" now.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 4th, 2018



I tried today to start with "Hard Bop Fantasies".


Bad Friedrichshall, March 9th, 2018



I´ve started with "A Fantasy Novel, Written By A Little Girl” today.


Bad Friedrichshall, April 9th, 2018



I have begun with a new part (project?) today – “Time Moves One Way”. It should become a place to think about time, to “play” with topics like time travel, manipulating time, the impossibility of doing it and so on.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 21st, 2018

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