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History Will Be Written - 24.11.2020

Living In Historic Times - 24.11.2020


Cozy Days In London - 24.11.2020





"Living In Historic Times" will be my new writing that I have begun with election day, November the third, election night in Germany. It's November the fourth now, 11:28 pm local time. Since over twenty-four hours I followed the election in the States now, and wrote about it, now I will do my first upload regarding the new writing.

This writing will contain only one story with, at the beginning, five storylines, and the normal "diary" part. Till I have finished the story, "Cozy Days In London" will be included in the new writing as well.

The story "Living In Historic Times", I have defined no distinct date for it's end, maybe the story will be endless - okay, I will be not endless! This story will be my first try to write a "real" novel - different storylines for instance. But of course in my way: Unplanned, spontaneous, daily writing driven by the daily developments and so on, with all its consequences. But I have to write in this way, now everything concentrats in one story. Let's see in what way the story will develop. One goal at least will be, to have, with Peter in Germany and Peter in the USA, two counterparts that should open up many possibilities.

But now the first upload, the rest we will see - and of course the outcome of the election will be not unimportant for the writing, still it's not decided who the next POTUS will be!


Bad Friedrichshall, November 4th, 2020


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