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The Art, Of Being Not Affected By Part 2 - 03.06.2020

Travelin´ Around - 27.11.2019

That´s No Reason To Give Up - 02.06.2020

The Happy Clown Part 3 - 02.06.2020

Beg Your Pardon! I Would Do It Better - Mr. President! Part 2 - 02.06.2020

Cozy Days In London - 30.05.2020

The Book Of The World Of Ladies - 29.05.2020



New writing, first planned that I will begin therewith at January 1st. But I finished all stories, therefore why waiting? So I will begin with the new writing in December 2018 now, even when the overall title “New Year´s Day” sounds maybe a bit strange then.


Some things will stay, some will change. First, no travel to the USA in February 2019. But I plan to travel in Europe. The hard-boiled series is finished, I will not continue therewith. I want to give my writing a new structure:


Six parts this time, I plan to work the whole year 2019 on them. Four of this parts are stories. Twelve months time means that I can develop extensive story arcs. There will be no reason to hurry. That not means that I will change my writing as such, daily and in the way of “automatic writing” (spontaneous, no planned stories, some ideas, but open to changes).

I have authors like Selby or Vonnegut in mind. In some ways the Beat Generation (William S. Burroughs) and the American Postmodern Literature (Robert Coover). I hope that I can give my writing a new character.

I want to try to earn money with my writing this year. I want to see whether there´s a possibility to become (more) independent. It would be interesting for me would it be possible to concentrate more on writing, to have more time for reworking. We will see how the things will develop.


The six parts:


“The Art, Of Being Not Affected By” - Replaces “Live Your Life”. Therefore short stories, poems, function as a diary and more.


“Travelin´Around” - No part as “In California” or “Californian Hopes and Dreams” this time, no travel to California 2019. Therefore no such interlude between the main writings. But I plan to travel and I will not include this writing in “The Art, Of Being Not Affected By”. The writing during my travels will be included in this part. The first travel - to London - is planned for May, therefore this part will be inactive for a longer time.


“The American Dream” - Peter, private detective in a not named American city. His life, his thoughts, his cases and the American Dream.


“The Happy Clown” - Peter, stand-up comedian in a not named American city. He will become famous, a nation-wide star. Art, the meaning of art, the possibility of art, the limits of art.............


“Beg Your Pardon! I Would Do It Better – Mr. President!” - Peter will become the 46. president of the USA in 2020. His run for president from the very beginning on, during the primaries, the presidential election, till his inauguration in Washington in January 2021.


“To Be A Woman Means To Be Humbly” - Enough Peter! I´ve written that it´s a strange feeling “to be a part of the problem, but not of the solution”. Time to reflect about the solution.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 19th, 2018



It´s early March now, roughly three months of writing. The stories begin to develop and new ideas pop up. The most incisive idea? To expand the time of writing, at least for three of the stories.


“Beg Your Pardon! I Would Do It Better – Mr. President!” - I will write this story in real time. This means that the story and the writing will end in January 2021. This gives me the possibility to include all real developments that will happen.


"The Happy Clown" - I will expand also this writing till January 2021. The first part is already finished. The second part I will finish in February 2020. The third part in January 2021.


“To Be A Woman Means To Be Humbly” - apart from the decision not to write the parts in a row, this decision gives this story further possibilities. I write already the first and the second part parallel. This will continue till February 2020. Then I will begin also with the third part, then I will write all three parts parallel till January 2021.


"The American Dream" - this story is not affected by this decision. I will write this story till it will be time to end it.


“The Art, Of Not Being Affected By” / “Travelin´ Around” - we will see. Depends also whether I will stay (as planned) in the USA in February 2020 again. February 2021 would be charming.


Maybe I will start also with something new during this period (till 2021). A new crime story maybe, or something different. But I think the part "New Year´s Day" will span till January 2021 now.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 7th, 2019



After some time thinking about it, I decided to stop "To Be A Woman Means To Be Humbly". I think this is the wrong way. I´m not interested in writing novels in the third person. I am I, I´m Peter and I´m a man. Therefore I stop with this part today.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 21th, 2019



I will begin with a new part today. "To Be A Woman Means To Be Humbly II". The same basic idea, but in a different way. The plot is still a vague idea, but I think it´s an interesting starting point that I found. Let´s see if this functions better.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 21th, 2019



I´ve begun with "Dystopian Dreaming" today. Harder, extremer writing - we will see.........


Bad Friedrichshall, May 10th, 2019



I´ve begun with "Cozy Days In London" today. A reaction to my first travel this year to London.


Bad Friedrichshall, May 10th, 2019



I´ve started to rewrite "To Be A Woman........." today. I will safe the so far written texts (Version "I" and "II") under the title "To Be A Woman....... - Fragments". I will use (some) of the so far written texts, especially from version "II". I also will include Kishana, version "I". But this texts will change, I will shorten everything and have to give it a new structure. I hope this will give everything a better structure, but I think that I should not try to write version "III".


Bad Friedrichshall, July 5th, 2019



I´ve finished "The American Dream" today. I will begin with the next hard-boiled story - "That´s No Reason To Give Up" - within the next days.


Bad Friedrichshall, August 31st, 2019



Still problems with "To Be A Woman........". I´ve eliminated the "Kishana" part now, "Day One" till "Day Five" I have finished / stopped now (a small part I still have to write – "Elizabeth´s Dreaming"). I will move on with a part I have named "The Rescue Of The World". The starting point for this part will be the S.C.U.M. Manifesto, written by Valerie Solanas. I have the feeling that I will have a lot of fun to write this part!


Bad Friedrichshall, August 31st, 2019



I stop "To Be A Woman Means To Be Humbly" (III) today and will begin with a new part "The Book Of The World Of Ladies". Some thoughts about about "The Book Of The World Of Ladies" at the beginning of the text, all parts of "To Be A Woman Means To Be Humbly" can be found at one place now.


Bad Friedrichshall, April 7th, 2020



I stop "Dystopian Dreaming" today. It makes no real sense anymore. More information about it you can find at the end of the story.


Bad Friedrichshall, April 13th, 2020

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