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New Uploads Writing:


Insights II: 22.09.2023

Comments: 13.09..2023

The Man Without Memories: 13.09.2023 (Chapter16)

Days In Los Angeles: 20.09.2023 (Los Angeles)

Arnold & Maurer, PIs: Terminated

2050 - The Year I Died: Terminated

Bad Friedrichshall, L.A.: 22.08.2023



New Uploads Other Arts:


Comics: 27.08.2023 (Bird and Little Devil)

Photography: 27.08.2023




This is a new beginning, after the transformation in 2022. I only wrote the time before, I opened my efforts now, towards other art forms. I have omitted "Video" and "Music", at least for the moment, but added "Photography". I will try to work less impulsive, in the way to give matters a bit more time, at least until ultimately finished. For more information about that, see the different parts.

In a way, it's half-time. Around eight years since I have begun, around seven years until I reach the time when I plan to retire. Not unsatisfied with the status quo, but to keep this status cannot be the aim for the following years. The following years have to yield progress like the past years did. It will be interesting to see.

The stage is open, the curtain removed, the play can begin. It's funny, I have no idea what we can expect. A comedy, or even a tragedy? A masterpiece, or maybe a big disappointment, an average performance eventually? What I can say, I will do my best, with all the limitations I see. Yeah, not necessarily the "best" guitarists composed the most striking tunes, like Mr. Keith Richards. But one one has to realize, this not means, by all technical limitations he had, that Keith Richards was a lousy guitarist as such, he was always one of the best. — Let the play begin!


Bad Friedrichshall, January 1st, 2023


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