Writing will be still, and always, my most important way to try to be creative, to try to express myself. But I have to develop towards a different way of writing, begun, and now to continue, with "Days In Los Angeles". This will, in different ways, relate to at least three of the four stories – see below.

Of course, I will continue this kind of diary, as well as my kind of blog. Two places ideal for erratic writing. It will be essential to have places for such writing as well. I do not know, but I have a good feeling, from now on, I would say, whatever will still to come: Your webpage, what you have done the last eight years, is fucking cool, Peter. Be proud of it, be proud!


Insights: My new diary, my place for short stories (I should write more), and of course, the new project "Surrealistic Pillow". All here written will be fast writing, in hours, will be uploaded immediately, the same day. No rework or such, written is written, the old law. A kind of open stage, an open stage for me and my concerns and feelings.


Comments: On the world as such, the economical world, the political world........cannot be hard enough. No place to be nice, a place for fast and hard writing, more than done over the last years. A place to show your colors, to take a stand, to say it clear. Daily would be good, but most likely not possible. My kind of blog.


Days In Los Angeles: Begun last year, it was a significant step. The basic planning is done, I can start with writing, more and more. The first and the last day first, could be a good start? Then from both sides towards the climax(es)? In any case, a place for constant rewriting and suchlike. Because the structure will be the days, day one to day twenty-eight, it will be easy to tell the reader what is new writing (like: 01.01.2023; Day 6).


Arnold & Maurer, PIs: Also from last year, it developed in "Tomorrow's history – Today's Deeds". I need Peter, the private dick in the States, with German ancestors. But, some changes. Peter no longer a private dick, but a private investigator, with a female partner. No Los Angeles, a smaller American city......but. It should become a series of medium-sized stories, with more space for the daily living, the United States as such, unagiteted writing. But, writing and uploading on the same day, no rework and suchlike. And always with referring to the current developments, the daily developments.


The Man Without Memories: The result of the strange development of "Living In Historic Times" throughout 2022. Formerly my private dick story, the story change totally. It will become autobiographical writing, structured by the stages of my life, like "Years Of Studying". I thought firstly that I would write chapter for chapter, but this makes no sense for various reasons. It will be a collection of memories, with all my problems that I have with memories. But, doing suchlike, who knows what memories might will pop up? I'm at least, I'm very curious about that writing.


2050 – The Year I Died: This will be something totally new, yeah! It will be about the years 2024 until 2050. It will become a dystopia, I see no reason for a utopia. The idea is, to start with a brief summary of what has happened during these years, to add more and more details, more stories and aspect. The beginning will be election day in 2024 – until then, I have to finish the story. Biden (?) will defeat DeSantis at that day, what if DeSantis will not win the primaries? I'm not certain about, how much I shall allow me reworking, rewriting, changing......the story while writing. We will see what the developments will be.


Substack: No longer a part of "Other Arts", "Writing" now. Every month an article, something journalistic, that's the goal. It will be uploaded if finished, the beginning has to be something dealing with war – no title and fixed idea so far.


These are my ideas for writing. I'm smiling, if I can handle this, not necessarily perfect, but in a reasonable manner, than I'm on a good way to reach my aim. I believe in you, my darling Peter!


Bad Friedrichshall, January 1st, 2023


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