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Dear Reader,


I have a Patreon page, a page via that you can give me money for my writing, the writing you can read for free. But why you should give me money for my writing, that you can read for free? First of all, you not have to! I´m also happy about everybody who "only" reads my writing. But if you think, that it´s maybe a good idea to give me something for my writing, then please visit my Patreon page (see below - "Links"). There you will find all information you will need about the possibilities, to give me money for my writing. Maybe I can welcome you as Patron soon?


As said, it´s also wonderful for me, if you simply read my writing. But then there´s this dream of mine, to be able to write all the day, not to have to work further on in my regular job...........maybe my dream will come true one day.







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