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Diary: 15.06.2024

Short Cuts: 08.06.2024

Days in Los Angeles I: 12.06.2024 (correction p.23)

Days in Los Angeles II: 15.06.2024 (Day 12)

Death in Matosinhos: 13.03.2024

Creatures of a Guilty Conscience: 09.06.2024

Photography: 14.06.2024



A new year, the overall motto could be: Density! In the last couple of years, very often, I tried too many things at the same time. This applies to writing as well as to the arts as a whole. It will be different this year.



"Diary". A diary indeed, to have a place for daily writing, to start the daily writing, to put my daily thoughts down on paper. It combines last year's parts "Insights" and "Comments". A place also for my kind of poetry.

"Short Cuts": The place for writing of all kinds that is spontaneous and unplanned. There will be short stories, finished in one day, but longer texts as well, in the way of "Solaris II", for instance. Definite parts are "Don't Call Me Marlowe", "Surrealistic Pillow", "Matosinhos Blue" and more.

"Days In Los Angeles": Still split into three parts, it will be the continuation of last year's writing. All is ready now to start with the writing as such. I will begin again with Los Angeles, then London, and Matosinhos in closing. The aim is to have a text by the end of the year. This has not to be the final text but a formulated text. The final aim is for this to become my first real novel.

"Death In Matosinhos": My plan for a second novel. The aim for the next few months is to outline a plot and lay the groundwork. The part that is finished for "Days In Los Angeles" now. Not less, but also not more. It would be nice to be ready with it until my second stay in Matosinhos this year, planned for October.

That's all regarding writing. Considerably fewer parts than in previous years. "Diary" is for every day. "Days In Los Angeles" the major part. "Short Cuts" is my playground. I can do whatever I want there. "Death In Matosinhos"? Well, I have months now to develop a first plot. This is also a new attitude. To simply allow me more time to develop something.


"Other Arts": There will be no longer be a separate part for "Other Arts", it will be merged with "Writing" into "Art". I will continue with the following:

"Comics": I have merged the two comics with which I started into one, "Creatures Of A Guilty Conscience". I will continue with this comic.

"Photography": I will also continue with this aspect, but I'm not really sure in what way. Some photos from last year I like a lot - let's see. I will start again with painting as well - with the graphic tablet, of course. I also like some of my previous pictures a lot. I like the Japanese way of painting. If something of interest arises as a result, then I will include it under "Photography". If more, it can become its part again.

That's all for "Other Arts". There is no definite timeline or goal. The idea is to simply let things slide.


That's all. A big novel, a playground, and some matters around. If everything works out, then this could be a year of intense learning. I should have a first long text, "Days". I should have a plot for another long text, "Matosinhos". I should have a diary with three hundred and thirty-five entries, "Diary". I should have a script with many ideas and pieces, "Short Cuts". I should have a comic strip that leads to whatever it will lead, "Creatures". And I hope that I will have some good photographs and maybe even some good paintings, "Photography". These are my aims, and it will be interesting to see what I am capable of implementing. In any case, I never had such a deep feeling that I could do it as I do right now.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 1st, 2024



I have split "Days - Los Angeles" into three parts. The writing of this part has advanced thus far, the eighth day, that the file starts to get large - and it's only day eight so far. When beginning with London and Matosinhos I will always add the utterly written days to "Days in Los Angeles I - III". These three parts will be the written story in the end.


Matosinhos, March 9th, 2024



I have finished all of the first nine days - Los Angeles, London, and Matosinhos - and therewith the part "Days in Los Angels I". Back to Los Angeles now, for the next ten days. Is this the next major step? Well, ending the last day of Matosinhos and therewith the complete novel will be one in any case. But first, back to Los Angeles.


Bad Friedrichshall, May 26th, 2024

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