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Nota Bene: I rename this page today on July 11th, 2022. The page formerly called "Living in Historic Times" as a superordinated title for the writing - and later art - from November 2020 on.



"Living In Historic Times" will be my new writing that I have begun with election day, November the third, election night in Germany. It's November the fourth now, 11:28 pm local time. Since over twenty-four hours I followed the election in the States now, and wrote about it, now I will do my first upload regarding the new writing.

This writing will contain only one story with, at the beginning, five storylines, and the normal "diary" part. Till I have finished the story, "Cozy Days In London" will be included in the new writing as well.

The story "Living In Historic Times", I have defined no distinct date for it's end, maybe the story will be endless - okay, I will be not endless! This story will be my first try to write a "real" novel - different storylines for instance. But of course in my way: Unplanned, spontaneous, daily writing driven by the daily developments and so on, with all its consequences. But I have to write in this way, now everything concentrats in one story. Let's see in what way the story will develop. One goal at least will be, to have, with Peter in Germany and Peter in the USA, two counterparts that should open up many possibilities.

But now the first upload, the rest we will see - and of course the outcome of the election will be not unimportant for the writing, still it's not decided who the next POTUS will be!


Bad Friedrichshall, November 4th, 2020



I will change my way of writing somewhat, the details:


"History Will Be Written" – no change here. Still a kind of diary, a place for reflecting about topics, my kind of poetry, short stories, everything that I can finish in one day. See also the new part "Tomorrow's History - Today's Deeds".


"Living In Historic Times" - the "hard-boiled" Peter will dominate the story from now on (from part two on). It will become (mainly) a detective story. The Peter in Germany should become more to a counterpart as now, more talking about Germany and Europe. I will no longer write daily on this story, but regularly every few days. Maybe it would be also good, to have parts with only one Peter, not every time with both.


"Cozy Days In London" - I will try now, to finish this story soon. The story will become only a part of "New Year's Day" then.


"Tomorrow's History - Today's Deeds" - for everything that needs more than a day to write. Longer short stories for example, everything between "History Will Be Written" and "Living In Historic Times".


"Videos" - I'm not sure at the moment.


Bad Friedrichshall, February 7th, 2021



"Cozy Days In London" is finished. It will now become just a part of "New Year's Day" again.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 2nd, 2021



A new part and some - slight - changes. "The German-American Friendship" will be the title of a new part. Because music plays always a role for me, first some words about a German music group.


"Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft" (DAF) was a German electronic band, especially in the 80s. They are often named related to "Kraftwerk". The title of the new part stands in no relation to this band, first I had the name for the new part, then I remembered the band. I listened at this time mostly to music like "Cream", "CSNY", of course "Pink Floyd" and "Deep Purple". I discovered classic music, blues and jazz, tango and much more, and the German music scene interested me not much - and much I considered as silly, and I consider still as silly ("Neue Deutsche Welle" as tag).


"The German-American Friendship" will become a kind of blog, a commenting section about politics, science and art, in Germany, Europe, USA, and the world. No distinct limitation, but short comments, arguments. Once a day normally, at least every thirty-six hours, sometimes several times a day, always with date and time. This should become a more political, journalistic, unfiltered part. A step to disentangle the rest of the writing.

"History Will Be Written" - in "The German-American Friendship" I will not talk about my feelings, I will talk about my opinions. "History Will Be Written" is the place for my feelings, my mood. Short writing, poetry..............

"Tomorrow's History - Today's Deeds" - The place for longer writing, maybe for experimentation as well.

"Living In Historic Times" - should become more "literary". Not the first time that I think about that this writing should have the latest developments as background, but not more.


"The German-American Friendship" - constant writing, as often as needed. My look at the world.

"History Will Be Written" - constant writing, once a day or so as a diary. Short writing. My feelings.

"Tomorrow's History - Today's Deeds" - longer writing, short stories, a lab.........

"Living In Historic Times" - a constant novel that will accompany me for a longer time? Like some of my variable stars? The literary (long-time) reflection of the parts above? But in any case, always committed to the real developments, no (pure) fiction is allowed.


I will rearrange the parts in the here shown way from now on.


Bad Friedrichshall, May 1st, 2021



"Being Bukowski" - today the first writing, still no distinct plan. But I've time, time to try.


Bad Friedrichshall, October 9th, 2021



I began with a new writing today. It's my first try to write a real novel, in the way, that it will be planned writing. First a fixed plot, then the writing. I've the feeling that I will stop "Being Bukowski" soon. I've the feeling that this part has served its purpose soon. The novel has the working title "Days In Los Angeles".


Bad Friedrichshall, January 8th, 2022



Added a new section today: "Bird". For information about it see there.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 16th, 2022



I stop "Being Bukowski" today. It has served its purpose – forever? I'm not certain, but at least for the moment. Maybe I will continue with it, in the time to come.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 17th, 2022



I've launched a new page today, on "Substack". My "newsletter" there will deal with arts, science, and politics. It will be more journalistic, it shall be an addition to my other writing. I will not charge anything, it will be free.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 23rd, 2022



Added a new section today: "Paintings". For information about it see there.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 27th, 2022



Added a new section today: "Music". For information about it see there.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 27th, 2022



Well, I finish the period "Art 11/2020–12/2022" today, to begin something new. They have been "interesting", this two years, with different jobs, a pandemic, the developments in the US and around the world, and a fucking war now. But this is the place to talk about writing and art.

I feel "matured", I find no better word. Especially in the last months of this year, much has happened. It will be fascinating to see the continuation of this, I hope that there will be one. And then it's the same as always. It's hard to say goodbye – only to mention "Wanderer" - but I'm curious and excited about the new. Let's finish this, let's begin with the new.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 31st, 2022




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