I've started with "Music" today. Well, I wanted to learn an instrument my whole life – but which? And, my sense of rhythm is not the best – to be nice. Dreamt my entire life to sing – but one should have a voice therefor. And now? Using a "Music Maker" will give me maybe at least some possibilities to "make" music. By the way, I own this tool since 2016, but had a version from 2014 before. And now? Where will it lead to? No idea, but to find out I have to begin with it, it's simple as that!


Bad Friedrichshall, January 27th, 2022



I will stop with "Music", I have to read some manuals first, have to learn what all I can do with all that settings that I have. And, I have the problem that my dexterity is not the best – to say it nicely. But, should the learning yield something interesting, then I will upload it again.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 31st, 2022



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