Portraits of the Artist as an Old Man II       

November 2020; a picture of a picture from a partent's house
December 2020; burning sky
January 2021; a picture of a picture from a young man with his father
February 2021; towards the light
March 2021; picture of old pictures - water..........
April 2021; my private little O-Hanami
May 2021; some more blossoms, apple and quince (Japanese flowering quince)
June 2021; Moon, Jupiter and Saturn
June 2021; a second version
July 2021; a new place for my bonsai
August 2021; candlelight
September 2021; the apples are mellow
October 2021; like I feel at the moment
November 2021; summer is finally gone
December 2021; it's like inside of me: wet, cold, somber and empty.
January 2022; who knows, maybe an address of welcome
February 2022; a picture of a picture from a young man with his mother and gandmother
March 2022; so many dying
April 2022; a new season begins, with terrible weather
May 2022; ambiguous about the next four weeks
June 2022; the next four weeks......
July 2022; more productive than the last four weeks?
August 2022; a month of change it will be - lastly - even if involuntarily
September 2022; it finally rains, a good sign, for a good month?
October 2022, the ocean waits............
November 2022; the turquoise room, missed the pictures and the sardinhas
November 2022; still no sardinhas
December 2022; Who will I be next year?
December 2022; a second version
January 2023; A new year? - I have to change this year.
February 2023; not that much changed so far......
March 2023; last month a month of decisions, this month?
April 2023; last month a month of change and learning, this month?
May 2023; does much have changed?
June 2023; starting change, but it needs more time
July 2023; change that you never wanted
August 2023; a very important month begins
September 2023; some change, but not enough
October 2023, change? by far not enough!
November 2023; back home, already home
December 2023; a chaotic year comes to an end
January 2024; yeah, sometimes you have to
February 2024; better, but still a long way to go
March 2024; back at the ocean again
April 2024; before summer, let's compare to after summer
May 2024; not knowing what to say
June 2024; a certain progress, but not enough
July 2024; progress continues
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