In California

Two questions are to be answered, two questions how I will live the rest of my life! This is the start to find the answers, the interim period till Los Angeles, and the time after, till I will find the final answers. And Los Angeles? I don´t know what will happen there, but there something will happen - I can´t think that this place not will have an impact!


But now lets begin with the interim period. I will mainly used YouTube and try to work more spontaneously. This shall mean that I will give me a topic and than try to talk about this topic in a freely manner. This Videos I will upload on YouTube, the thereby originating texts I will not publish here. But I will also write texts - L.A. poetry - and them I will publish also here.


A new travel, aviation, journey.....oh, I´m so exited.....


Bad Friedrichshall, January 01st, 2017



Now I was in L.A. - and now? I will not, I can not continue in the same way like until now. I have written some texts, in L.A. and also thereafter. I will no longer read them on Youtube. I´m not sure how I will continue on YouTube but I will separate both, this webpage and YouTube more. So far as I see I will at least in the near future mainly writing texts.


Today I will upload the texts I have written in L.A. and the fist texts written after my aviation. I have reworked them one time, have made some corrections, but fear that I have not found all mistakes. As before, I have not the time to work on my poems long enough - I have to move on!


Yesterday I have placed my ad - it was more difficult as I thought - maybe I will write about. Now I have to write a special letter, then I have to write to Gus´s and Jerry´s, then I have to write some more poems, then I have to make a last "In California" video, then I have to decide how I will continue with YouTube, then.....no time to work long on finished things. Especially because all this thing have to be finished at the 19th, the day my advertisement will be published in the L.A. Times.


And then, wow, if I only would knew! A bit more then one week, then I will see! But what ever will happen, my aviation to L.A., my impressions there - the poems can express them not anywhere near! - my feelings, my thoughts........the things I have done in the time I am back again......all this has changed me in a way I have hoped before. Now no return will be possible anymore! But where I will go now? To continue my "old" life is impossible now! But how will a "new" life be? One week, a bit more, and I will get the answers to my two questions! Only I have great fear that the answers will be not the answers I am dreaming about, but this is indeed the price you have to pay - and c´mon, maybe......."American dreams came true somehow"; yeah Lizzy......


"This way or no way" - yes Mr. Bowie! And: This time or no time! The time of dreaming comes to an end.......


Bad Friedrichshall, March 10th, 2017



In California - now completed! It´s time for the last chapter! I will not make another video "In California" - no time, I have to go on!


Bad Friedrichshall, March 22nd, 2017



I´ve decided to include the "In California" videos here. With this all my "texts" (written or spoken) are available on this webpage. My YouTube channel is therefore an addition to this webpage.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 25th, 2017


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