The Day, When Nobody Died

New structure August 1st, 2017:


Because "The Day, When Nobody Died" becomes more and more complex I rearrange the parts today. For the development between March and July read the following text. I will establish the following three main parts: "Black Swans", "Poems and Stories" and "Hard-Boild Series". For further information read the texts there. I think this will give my writing during the next months a better structure and basis.


Bad Friedrichshall, August 1st, 2017



Development March till July 2017


"Everything is fine now......"

(Elizabeth Grant, Religion)


Oh yeah, at least I get my respond to my two questions. Two questions, four possible variants - just stupid, when the most dissatisfying of the four variants presumably the one is, that will come true.......at least it looks that way! A bit to early for the final judgment, but.....all indicators point to....alone in Germany......not always, American dreams come true.........


On the other hand, this will give me some kind of freedom! A freedom I am not really happy with, but at least.......no responsibility for another person......no concessions necessary.....now finally I have the absolute freedom - lets see, whereto I am able to do!


"But I still got jazz when I've got those blues......"

(Elizabeth Grant, Terrence Loves You)


"The day, when nobody died" is part of a line by Nickelback (If Everyone Cared: "Then we'd see the day, when nobody died"). I heard the song a few days ago in the radio and was immediately touched by this words. I thought, a day on that nobody dies, that would be a good idea for a science fiction novel! But things are like they are and I had to accept that......


Now I take this words as overarching epigraph for my next "project" - I think my last one. I will create more and more secondary topics were I will express my thoughts and feelings for a last time. Whenever I feel that I have to write something I will do it, using an existing topic or I create a new one. As long as - yeah, how long? Till I have nothing more to say? Till I have no longer an interest to write? Till I have no time anymore to write? Till....at least till July when I will see Ms. Grant in Paris.....at least till the end of the year when I will go back home to bring back the stones to the place they belong.....at least.....


"Dreaming away your life......"

(Elizabeth Grant, Honeymoon)


"Hoax News":

For a longer time I thought about to write something satirical or cynical - I wasn´t sure how far I can go and what should be the vehicle - thanks to idiot Mr. President, thanks to alternative facts, fake news and all this - thanks to a always fantastic Kevin Spacey (L.A. Confidential) - and not least due to my situation I know now that I have no limitations - what limitations I should have in a world with such a fucking president? Lie to me! I think a news show is a perfect setting for this part!


"The In-Box In The Out-Box":

Sitting Santa Monica Pier I suddenly had this phrase in my mind. I have to say that at this moment I was not aware that the words "inbox" and "outbox" exist. So I thought about, what shall "in-box" and "out-box" mean, I found no solution so I wrote the words in my block. Later it was obvious! An "in-box" is a small box inside a larger box - an "out-box" is a larger box with a smaller box inside! It was a wonderful phrase and I was proud of it, but had no idea what to do with it - now I know it! Boxes, often I have written about boxes in "Dark Heart", looking at my Heart Shaped Box! I have said that you have to open boxes - that´s their determination, to become opened! And what´s inside? Pandora, Gabrielle......Peter? Maybe an in-box in which again an in-box is in which again an in-box is in which again an in-box is in which.......wow, do I become an existentialist now, Camus?


A technical note. Because the words "inbox" and "outbox" do exist, I write "in-box" and "out-box". I think this shows that in do not mean the "regular" words.


"Beautiful World":

This topic is a reaction to what will be the content of the preceding topic. Now I see their is the possibility of a wonderful interpretation. Let my cite my own writing:


What atrocities one should enumerate, what should shock us still

Have hanged small children, old people burned alive

And otherwise, we haven´t left out not a thing

So, what should one still tell


From the beauty of a small inconspicuous flower by the wayside

From the radiance of the stars, the colorful glow of the moon

From the first cry of a newborn, the last breath of a dying

From the endless tenderness of The Endless Blue


(My Dark Heart- Itinerary; chap. 3; p. 13; Flowers Of The Town)


"The In-Box In The Out-Box" can be seen as a contemplation about the first stanza, "Beautiful World" about the second. Anyway, I have the need to give voice to.....

N.B.: Finished June 23rd, 2017 – see below.


"Struggle For Pleasure":

First I thought of "Pursuit Of Happiness", but than this wonderful melody and phrase came into my mind! I thought about a place for "philosophic" topics - "Struggle For Pleasure" - three words enough to describe a whole world! I am sitting for almost two hours at my PC now, always hearing this song - infinite loop! Wim Mertens and Peter Greenaway - Stourley Kracklite and Étienne-Louis Boullée! I cry out loud and the music rips my heart while hearing this otherworldly sound - why I will be never able to create something that even begins to compare with this - oh, only to think about, feels like a sacrilege!


Let's just get lost......”

(Elizabeth Grant, Swan Song)


And now? Today I have written this text, tomorrow I will start with "The Day, When Nobody Died". The first lines I have written in my block. "Struggle For Pleasure" - Wim Mertens, he is so far away from me, has created such an enormous oeuvre - I confess only a fractional part I know! Does one YouTube video has more than 500.000 views - at least many a lot less! And what an artist is this man! How ridiculous arrogant it would be to think that my videos, my writing should find an audience! Why does it hurts so much all the time, shouldn´t I be happy to be able to listen to this wonderful music? But I can not do anything against this desire that only one time I would be able to......


The last thought belongs to my dark blue letter. The ad, yeah..... The letter, will you ever hold it in your hand? I have written once already that I am probably a ridiculous old man, but I am definitely no naive man. No, I think not - even though I sent it to your private address in Malibu, but what except dreams........


And finally, thank you Kitsch for letting a dream came true......


Bad Friedrichshall, March 23th, 2017



"If Today Was Your Last Day":

"If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late" - again Nickelback. I will enumerate all the things that come into my mind. Maybe it helps.


Leave old pictures in the past?


Bad Friedrichshall, March 27th, 2017



“RaDaDa, DaDa – Ra”:

Metallica, why not - or better Marianne Faithfull? Howsoever, "Should I open it for you?" - I think I have to do it by my own, to face up to my demons - let´s see what happens....


Bad Friedrichshall, April 1st, 2017



“The World Of Love And Happiness”:

Short stories and poems........


Bad Friedrichshall, April 11th, 2017




A new part! Since "Hoax News" more and more develops in a way I definitely not expected - a new part. I thought that "Hoax News" would become a kind of satire but things becoming more and more strange! Therefore I reassume an old idea. I wanted to make movies, wanted to paint pictures and so much more - no surprise, I also wanted to write a hard-boiled story! In fact, the first two pages I had written - many, many years ago! So I will start rewriting this pages and then we will see what happens........


Bad Friedrichshall, June 07th, 2017



"The Man In The Park":

First I thought "Hard-Boiled" should become a longer story like "Hoax News". But I like it more to keep this story compact - I think it fits better to me. My aim is to write till the end of the year and to see then what is originated till then. Because "Hard-Boiled" will be finished in a much shorter time I will expand this story to a series. "Hard-Boiled" will be the first part. "The Man In The Park" should be the second part.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 19th, 2017



"Is This A Satire?":

Because "Hoax News" will be no satire at all in the end, nevertheless I wish to write one, a new part! I will begin with this part after I finished "Hoax News".


Bad Friedrichshall, June 22nd, 2017



"Beautiful World":

I´ve decided to add the (few) poems of "Beautiful World" to "The World Of Love And Happiness". The not yet written “The Endless Blue” will follow later.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 23rd , 2017



"Crenshaw Blues":

Should be the third part of the Hard-Boiled series.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 2nd , 2017




Finished today.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 13th, 2017



“RaDaDa, DaDa – Ra”:

Finished today.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 13th, 2017



"Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair":

Should be the fourth part of the Hard-Boiled series.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 13th, 2017



"The Chinese Girl”:

Should be the fourth part of the Hard-Boiled series now. Therefore, “Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair” will be the fifth then.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 16th, 2017



"My Sweet Little Sixteen”:

Should be the fifth part of the Hard-Boiled series now. Therefore, “Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair” will be the sixth then.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 25th, 2017

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