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This is a new beginning, after the transformation in 2022. I only wrote the time before, I opened my efforts now, towards other art forms. I have omitted "Video" and "Music", at least for the moment, but added "Photography". I will try to work less impulsive, in the way to give matters a bit more time, at least until ultimately finished. For more information about that, see the different parts.

In a way, it's half-time. Around eight years since I have begun, around seven years until I reach the time when I plan to retire. Not unsatisfied with the status quo, but to keep this status cannot be the aim for the following years. The following years have to yield progress like the past years did. It will be interesting to see.

The stage is open, the curtain removed, the play can begin. It's funny, I have no idea what we can expect. A comedy, or even a tragedy? A masterpiece, or maybe a big disappointment, an average performance eventually? What I can say, I will do my best, with all the limitations I see. Yeah, not necessarily the "best" guitarists composed the most striking tunes, like Mr. Keith Richards. But one has to realize, this not means, by all technical limitations he had, that Keith Richards was a lousy guitarist as such, he was always one of the best. — Let the play begin!


Bad Friedrichshall, January 1st, 2023




Well, the year is over, and this chapter as well. I have learned some this year. I have to change my way of writing, partially, and I have already begun with it. Spontaneous writing is important for me, daily writing, as is reflecting on the daily news. But I need to work on long-term writing as well. I have begun with "Days In Los Angeles" this year, I will continue with it next year. A second, longer, novel is planned - "Death In Matosinhos". What I have also learned is to "compress" my writing, not have too many projects. But more about next year's writing next year - tomorrow.

Am I satisfied with this year? Well, it has not been such a nice year in more than one aspect. I will not discuss the jobs I had over the year - jobs! My mother died. I have not achieved some goals. Losing weight, for instance. Starting to learn Portuguese, as another example. On the other hand, I have managed to be in Matosinhos every six months or so. I have changed, really, and I hope it will become visible in next year's writing. My attitude, mindset, regarding my writing and my art has changed. It should become visible next year. I feel much more stable now.

2030 - at the end of 2030 or the beginning of 2031, I will move to Matosinhos. This is the timeline now. I have the feeling now that this will be very soon. 2020 started with COVID-19, and four years have passed since then. Another four years, and I'm nearly through. This year ends very differently than it began. I wrote, a year ago, about my expectations for the year: "A comedy, or even a tragedy? A masterpiece, or maybe a big disappointment, an average performance eventually?" I would have said before I drove to Matosinhos in November: A tragicomedy. But much has changed in the last few weeks. And again, a stay in Matosinhos has been a significant impulse for me. What about my expectations for next year? Well, let's talk about them next year - tomorrow.

But what I can say is, that I have the feeling that I have matured a lot this year. As said, it was very chaotic in some ways, but I could develop my writing, be regularly in Matosinhos, and achieve my goal regarding "Days In Los Angeles". It seemed, for a longer time, that I would fail, but then I started to be consistent, and it functioned. This was a significant impulse for me. And now? Yeah, if the next year is less chaotic, then I should be able to mature even more. So, the curtain falls, but only to begin a new play. It will be interesting to see what I write in a year.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 31st, 2023

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