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Last year, 2022, I have begun to expand the webpage. No longer only writing, but also other arts. I will keep this, but there will be some changes. "Music" and "Video" will be no longer, "Photography" will be new, "Paintings" will become "Graphic Art".

Music / Video; very technical matters. I have to learn more before it makes sense to upload the stuff. Let's say that it will be a time-out until my skills are better. The rest, see below.


Comics: Both series; "Bird" and "Little Devil", will be continued. Let's see what will happen.


Photography: I see my pictures on the wall, and some aren't so bad. There was a time I photographed a lot, I will tie in to that time. Without any doubts, I'm better skilled in what photography concerns, than music. I have some ideas, we will see.


Graphic Art: Okay, was "Paintings" before. But, I will change it in that way, that I will only upload something if I think that it has some "value". I wasn't sure for some time, if I should not drop "Paintings" as well, but I did not. Let's see.......


Writing only is too less in this stage, even if I cannot be sure what can develop in what way. But it was the right step last year to begin with it, and it's the proper step this year to continue with it.


Bad Friedrichshall, January 1st, 2023



Graphic Art: Four months later, at the beginning of May, I have realized that the folder "Graphic Art" is still empty. I will draw the consequence and will delete this page completely. I need more time, maybe at the end of the year, or next year, again.


Bad Friedrichshall, May 2nd, 2023



I started a new comic: "Creatures Of A Guilty Conscience". This new series is the merging and continuation of "Bird" and "Little Devil", and also a preparation for next year.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 11th, 2023


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