In this new section I will upload videos, that I will make from now on. Here, on my webpage, you will find the first video, the introduction, as well as the always latest three videos. All videos, as well as all the previous videos, you can find on my YouTube channel (see "Links").

These videos are considered as an addition to my writing, in following up to the "In California" videos. Let's see what will develop.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 12th, 2020.




I've decided to delete all videos on this web page, they all can be found on my YouTube channel. Only the link therefor. I'm not sure right now, how to continue with this section.


Bad Friedrichshall, July 11th, 2022




I start a new project today, a kind of "music video". Always the latest update of it will be uploaded on the webpage, everything else on my YouTube channel. I will start with some videos I've made today to have some (new) material that I can use therefore, to make the "music video". Of course, I can also use material from previous videos – I've already some........


Bad Friedrichshall, August 25th, 2022




I will stop with "Video", will replace it from 2023 on, somehow, with "Photography". Photography, I did it in various periods of my life, and this activity yielded in fact something! I have only to look at some of my photographs on the wall in front of me. And video?

I'm not sure at the moment. Maybe I will upload something again, or not. But it has to be something with some "substance" then. In a way, the same as with "Music".


Bad Friedrichshall, December 31st, 2022



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