Brave New Life

The part "Brave New Life" will contain the writing from March 2018 till presumably January 2019, till my - I hope so - next aviation to California. Let´s see, what this year will offer.........


Bad Friedrichshall, February 26th, 2018



"Presumably till January 2019, till my - I hope so - next aviation to California" - yeah, always the things develop in a different way. I have decided not to fly to California in 2019 - it would make no sense to repeat it. Therefore there will be no aviation in February, no interruption in February. I´ve decided to end with this writing now, to start with the new writing. In February, March and April I will participate in open stage events in Germany. In May I will travel to London. I will see "The Unthanks" for the first time live, will visit Dover again and plan to participate in some open mic events. For June I plan a travel to Vienna - the first half of next year is fixed or planned. Let´s see what will happen - this year, at least I feel it in that way, brought a distinct progress.......


Bad Friedrichshall, December 18th, 2018

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