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At the end of the first hard-boiled series I had the feeling, that they are all part of only one story - see there. This time I see them from the beginning as part of one large story. I will write them in the given order. Thereby the story "Lizzy´s Dead" will begin in San Francisco, but will change to Los Angeles, where the story also will end. A prelude will be situated in New York, an epilogue in San Francisco. The stories "Make Up" and "The Little Girl" will be situated in Los Angeles. I think both will be relatively short. With the story "The Lady At The Ranch" the setting will change to the land between Los Angeles and San Francisco. And with "The German Stewardess" we will be back in San Francisco again, where also this cycle will find its end.


I see the stories more or less in front of me. I have some ideas about the development overall. But I will start with the first story now and we will see how everything will develop. Whereby the beginning and the ending are written (in my head). The in between will develop while writing the story. I have a certain idea for the "big solution" of the case, but I´m not sure at the moment if this would function in reality.....


Bad Friedrichshall, February 26th, 2018



I´ve started with "Lizzy´s Dead" today.


Bad Friedrichshall, March 3rd, 2018



Today I´ve finished "Lizzy´s Dead". Yeah, the "big solution"! I had an idea with flowers, Culver City and so on. As always the story developed very much in another way as thought. But that´s okay, at least for me. I´m not totally happy about my skills regarding English grammar. I´ve the feeling some passages are very good, sometimes I have problems to decide whether my constructions make sense for a native speaker or not. In any case I´ve (sometimes?) problems with tense shift and would / should constructions. Over all I´ve the feeling that I make at least some progress.


Bad Friedrichshall, April 27th, 2018



I´ve started with "Make Up" today.


Bad Friedrichshall, May 2nd, 2018



I´ve finished "Make Up" today. I´m not finally satisfied with the story. My illness made it complicated to concentrate on the story and to be creative. But I think I found an acceptable solution at the end. I hope “The Little Girl” will be better.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 4th, 2018



I´ve started with "The Little Girl" today.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 4th, 2018



I´ve started to think about / to plan “The Lady At The Ranch”. I´ve not started to write the story.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 5th, 2018



I´ve finished "The Little Girl” today. Better than “Make Up” with a surprising end. I thought it will be a total emotional disaster for Peter – but? Always interesting what happens while writing the stories.......


Bad Friedrichshall, June 15th, 2018



I´ve started writing “The Lady At The Ranch” today.


Bad Friedrichshall, June 15th, 2018



I´ve finished “The Lady At The Ranch” today. Yes, no disaster this time, but also no happy ending. The future is wide open, still "The German Stewardess" has to be written. With this story this series of hard-boiled stories will come to its end. It will make no sense to continue with them. I think back, while writing the beginning of "Hard-Boiled" - never thought that something like this series will develop. I´m a bit proud of it. Yes, "Make Up" and especially "The Little Girl" are somewhat disappointing, but too much problems with my health at this time. Will Peter become happy? And Daryl? Yeah, Mr. Petty...........


Bad Friedrichshall, December 5th, 2018



I´ve started writing “The German Stewardess” today.


Bad Friedrichshall, December 5th, 2018



I´ve finished “The German Stewardess” today. And now? Peter is a fictional character, he´s my creation. Sometimes I will think about him and Daryl, but this will be only thoughts without a meaning then.........


Bad Friedrichshall, December 17th, 2018

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